Several Bug Fixes Today

Today was somewhat productive, several bugs were fixed in the Nightly version:

  1. Improved error reporting – when a feed fails, the JDownloader log will now include the feed content, to help debug why feeds failed.
  2. GUI exception in Substance theme – there was a tricky exception which was thrown in a specific scenario while using the Substance theme. Fixed now.
  3. Support added for HTTP redirects. When a feed address or a feed post return HTTP redirects, the plugin now follows to the new location.
  4. The plugin now saves the links from the post descriptions in posts.xml to enable manual download from the description.

The majority of these bugs will mean nothing to most of you, just update to the latest version and know that your plugin works a little bit better.


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JDFeedMe Signed for JDownloader Stable

Thanks to the JDownloader Dev-Team admin, the JDFeedMe has been signed for JDownloader version 0.9.580 (the current stable version)!

You can get the signed version here. It should work now.

Don’t forget that JDFeedMe is currently actively developed, so there may be some bugs in the plugin. You are always welcome to report them and help the development team release a stable bug-free version.

If you want to be a beta tester, consider working with JDownloader Nightly (JDownloader beta), since the JDFeedMe for Nightly will be updated more frequently. Read about Nightly and how to install it in the JDownloader forum.

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Several GUI Bugs Found Today in Nightly

Porting of the stable version to nightly came with some interesting GUI bugs (that seem to occur only in nightly):

1. When you attempt to close the JDFeedMe tab yourself, it will not close. Some times it may collide with the Settings tab.

2. When you change the GUI style to something different than ‘Synthetica Simple 2D’, for example to ‘Substance Moderate’, the Reset button doesn’t show the correct dialog + the background color in the table is sometimes not according to theme.

Will take a look at these bugs tomorrow.. Thanks for helping us find them!

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JDFeedMe Added to JDownloader Nightly SVN

Good news! Porting of the plugin from stable (JDownloader 0.9.580) to the nightly beta (latest unreleased version) is complete.

The JDFeedMe addon is currently found in the SVN, so if any JDownloader beta users want to test it out, simply update to the latest version.

There may be a few quirks and bugs since the majority of testing has been done on stable until now, and nightly required several code changes.


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Development Started for Latest JDownloader Beta

Up until now, development for JDFeedMe has been done for JDownloader stable (0.9.580). This is the version you probably have at home today, since the developers aimed for the largest potential user group possible.

In order to incorporate JDFeedMe in the next official release of JDownloader, JDFeedMe has to be added to the current JDownloader source code (JDownloader is open source as you know). The next release of JDownloader will probably still take a few months, so the latest version is currently in beta.

The issue is that the latest beta has several significant code changes, which means the plugin code has to be modified to meet these changes.

Work on this version began during the last couple of days, so stay tuned for a new version of the plugin – this time for JDownloader latest beta!

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Fix Error Status on New Feeds

I tried to add a couple of new feeds today and encountered an ERROR status after trying to sync them for the first time.

These both were WordPress based blogs, which I added using the /feed/ addition to the blog address.

It seems that WordPress is a bit sensitive to whether you have a slash (/) in the end of the address or not.

In one feed, I kept getting ERROR status until I added a slash at the end. In the second, I kept getting ERROR status until I removed the slash! So be sure to try both options if a feed is giving you trouble.

It seems the error lies with WordPress. The problem in both cases was that WordPress returned a malformed XML for the feed if the slash was given the wrong way…

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Hello world!

This is the temporary unofficial blog for the JDFeedMe plugin for JDownloader.

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