If JDFeedMe does not arrive with your JDownloader version, you have to download and install it separately.

  1. If you don’t have JDownloader yet, download and install it.
  2. Download the plugin (a simple file called jdfeedme.jar)
  3. Go to your JDownloader installation folder. For Windows is it usually something like C:\Program Files\JDownloader
  4. Go to the plugins folder. For Windows that would be  C:\Program Files\JDownloader\plugins
  5. Copy jdfeedme.jar to this folder
  6. Restart JDownloader in case it is currently running


Once JDFeedMe is installed, you should activate the plugin inside JDownloader.

  1. Run JDownloader
  2. Go to the menu Addons – Addon Manager
  3. Find JDFeedMe in the addon table
  4. Check the Activate checkbox next to the plugin name
  5. You should now have a new JDFeedMe tab next to Download and Linkgrabber
  6. Click on the JDFeedMe tab and add your first feed

If the JDFeedMe Tab Disappears

This usually happens if you close the tab or restart JDownloader.

  1. Make sure JDownloader is running
  2. Click on the menu Addons – JDFeedMe

5 Responses to Installation

  1. alon says:

    sounds great but the download isn’t available.
    can you please reupload?

    • jdfeedme says:


      The download link works, but it won’t help you since it’s unsigned yet for stable (we’re still waiting for it). If you run nightly though, the plugin will be there by default.

  2. chaver says:

    i love this software
    but since i have the latest version of jdownloader it didn’t work for me
    please help me to get it on even with the nightly version i cannot wait for it
    tell me how to do it please?

  3. Freeloader says:

    Hi, I just wanted to know if the further development of this addon is discontinued?


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