What is JDFeedMe

JDFeedMe is a plugin for JDownloader. This plugin lets you download content automatically from RSS feeds.

What is JDownloader you ask..  JDownloader is a great open source download manager used to download content from file sharing services like Rapidshare, Megaupload, HotFile and such. To learn more about JDownloader, read the wikipedia article or the official webpage.

Why do I need JDownloader? If you want to download files from file sharing services like Rapidshare and Megaupload without all the hassle, JDownloader is the program for you. It’s free, it’s easy to use, and it supports both downloads with and without a premium account.

Why do I need JDFeedMe? If you have JDownloader and you follow different types of regularly released content (like a TV show which airs every week), you probably know how annoying it is to find the new episode every single week and download it manually. With JDFeedMe, just find an RSS feed once which contains posts about this TV show, and the weekly episode will download automatically and wait in your download folder – hassle free!

What is an RSS feed? Content for JDownloader (the actual links to the various hosting services) is usually found in forums and blogs. Most forums and blogs support a standard protocol called RSS which contains a regularly updated feed of everything posted. Programs such as JDFeedMe can check this feed every few hours and find interesting content automatically.


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