Add a new feed

The first step of adding a new feed is finding an RSS feed you want to add. Read our section about Finding Feeds if you don’t have any idea how to find one.

Let’s assume you’ve found a new RSS feed with the address

Open the JDFeedMe tab and click on the Add Feed button on the top left. A dialog opens up which asks you for some basic information about your need feed:

  • Feed Address: The http address of the feed ( in our example). Don’t forget to start the address with http://. In some cases, you may need to add a slash in the end (/), so watch out for that as well.
  • Get Old Posts: RSS feeds are updated hourly with new posts. The feed you are just entering probably has some old posts (usually a few dozens). If you want to download the old posts choose All. You can also download posts from the last week, or the last 24 hours only. After you download the old posts once, JDFeedMe will only download new posts of course.
  • Limit Download To Filters: If you want JDFeedMe to download automatically every single post in the feed, don’t check this checkbox. In many cases though, you will only want to download automatically posts you’re interested in (according to filters). Once you check this checkbox, JDFeedMe will only download automatically posts you specify under filters, so don’t forget to fill those in later.

Once you click Add, you will see your new feed in the feed table. There are several more settings you can specify using the table:

  • Enabled: If you want to temporarily disable the feed without deleting it, remove the checkbox.
  • Description: Feel free to enter your own description to help you remember what content is published in this feed.
  • Filters: If you want to limit automatic download to specific posts you’re interested in, click on this icon.
  • Limit To Hoster: Posts can sometimes contain links to several different hosters (for example both Rapidshare links and Megaupload links). If you want JDFeedMe to only download links from a specific hoster, specify it here. You can also choose the My Premium option to use any hoster you have a premium account for.
  • Skip Linkgrabber: If this option is checked, the links downloaded from this feed will skip the linkgrabber and start downloading without any manual confirmation. If you prefer the links to enter the linkgrabber so you can approve them manually, remove the check from this option.

Please note that the new feed you’ve added will not be synced by JDFeedMe immediately. The feed will be synced every few hours according to the Sync Interval setting that appears below the feed table. If don’t want to wait, you can always sync all feeds manually by clicking on the Sync All Now button on the top right.


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