Define filters for a feed

Most feeds contain many posts you’re not interested in. Since the power of JDFeedMe is automatic download from feeds, you may need to filter which posts are downloaded automatically and which posts aren’t.

To define filters for a feed, simply click on the Filters icon in the feed table (in the JDFeedMe tab).

The dialog contains several settings:

  • Limit Download To Filters: This is the main setting which controls whether automatic download is filtered or not. If you don’t check this option, JDFeedMe will download all posts from the feed.
  • Filters: Here you can insert a list of filters you want to download. Every filter should be in a separate line.
  • Where To Search: Once you specify filters, JDFeedMe will try to match new posts against your filters. You can choose to match only the post title, the post description, or both.

Filter Syntax

The easiest way to go is to think about a filter like it’s a google search query. Assume you want to search for a specific kind of content. Think what you would type into google in order to search for this content. This is your filter!

Remember to put each filter in a separate line. The post will be downloaded automatically if any one of the filters matches the post content.

A simple example.. let’s assume you’re following 2 different shows. One is called “Cute Kittens” and one is called “Mighty Mice”. You can simply use the show names as filters in this case. In one line write cute kittens and in the second write mighty mice.

Advanced Filter Syntax

Just like google, JDFeedMe supports some advanced filters:

Exact Phrases: Let’s assume you want to download a post titled Cute Kittens S01E02 but you don’t want to download a post titled Cute Deadly Kittens S01E02. In this case just use the following filter: “cute kittens”

Exclude Keywords: Let’s assume you want to download Cute Kittens S01E02 but not Cute Kittens Recap. In this case just put a minus sign before the keyword recap to make sure it is excluded: cute kittens -recap


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