View recent posts for a feed

Assume you’re adding a new feed to JDFeedMe but you’re not really sure what sort of content is posted there. Since you don’t know what to expect, you can’t really rely only on automatic download filters.

The simplest solution is to check manually what’s posted in this feed.

To view the recent posts of this feed, just click on the Posts icon in the feed table. Once you do that, a dialog will open up with the list of recent posts. The newest posts will appear on top.

Besides seeing the post title and publish date, you can do several things with each post:

  • Visit: Click on the visit icon if you want to read this post in your web browser. Once you click, your web browser should open up and display the post content.
  • Add: Click on the add icon if you want to download files from this post manually. Once you click, JDFeedMe will automatically add the links found inside the post to your download list. Please note that links will be added according to the Limit To Hoster and Skip Linkgrabber settings of the feed.

If you look closely, you will see that the posts icon in the feed table changes if the feed has new posts you haven’t seen yet. Once you click on the posts icon, the new posts will appear highlighted in yellow and the old posts in white. In addition, if any post has been downloaded (either automatically or manually), it will be highlighted in green.


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